Monday, 11 September 2017

Showbox chromecast - How to Stream Showbox Videos to Chromecast?

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Hello friends, today I'm back with the information about the most important feature of the app called Showbox. In this Showbox app, you have an option called Showbox Chromecast so that you can see all your videos on the smart TV. Nowadays we can see smart Tv in almost all houses, well by this we can see all our videos of Showbox on the big screen with our friends and family. Here I will tell you how this actually works.
Showbox chromecast
Firstly to connect our device to chromecast you need a wifi and also you have to install an external application called all cast from the playstore. Let us see what actually Showbox chromecast Is?

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a small electronic device which can be attached to your smart TV to watch your videos, photos and all other stuff on your TV without connecting your mobile to TV and by that, you can see the videos in big TV. Nowadays, chromecast is coming Inbuilt in the smart TVs which are recently launched. By this chromecast, we can connect our LED/LCD TV with our Android phone, Tablet, iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices. For the older versions of smart TVs, you can add this Showbox chromecast dongle with the HDMI port which is present in the side of the smart TV.

We can connect to the TV our Smartphone by using this Showbox dongle. If yours is a new smart TV then it will have an inbuilt chromecast connection so that you can watch all your favourite videos, photos of TV. So, in the following, we are going to discuss how to stream videos on Tv screen using Chromecast. This is the step-by-step guide to Download the app.

Stream Showbox videos to TV Using Chromecast

Showbox for Chromecast is available in the latest version of Showbox app. So, make sure that you have the new version of the app on your Device. Because in the earlier versions we use MX player to stream videos to Tv. But with the latest update, there is no need of the MX player.
showbox chromecast
To get this app on your PC download the All cast app through which we can cast our videos on PC. You can Connect to various devices using this all cast like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox360 etc. This ALL cast is available in Playstore, so download the app now. Read the instructions given below and continue with the process.
  • Firstly uninstall the MX player from your device.
  • Now, Allow Unknown sources Installation by using this path, settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  • Now open the Showbox app and also Download Allcast from the Internet.
  • You can get this app in Google playstore or you can download the apk file also.
  • Now go to Showbox and then Select your video and then click on the chromecast icon.
  • It will Show you Different options to proceed. Then Select All cast.
  • Now it will connect you to the Device nearby you and the TV's name are displayed.
  • The video will be automatically played on TV. Enjoy the big screen experience.
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Final Words

So, friends, this is how you can watch your Videos of Showbox app on your TV without using any Additional Players. If you like this app then please be free to tell us about your experience through the comment section below. Also, download Allcast from here and have fun using it through showbox chromecast option. Thank you for visiting our website, Keep visiting for more updates on Showbox. Have a great day guys.
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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Showbox for iPad - Download Latest Showbox app for iPad

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As we discussed in our earlier posts, this showbox app can be downloaded using the methods given below. You can get this app on your iPad, iPad Mini etc. No jailbreak is needed to download this app on your iPad. By this app you can download and watch unlimited movies and TV shows in your iPad. As we have already provided you information about how to Download this app in different devices like android, PC, mac, iOS , iPhone etc. Now its time to Download the app into your iPad.

Showbox for iPad

There are many fans for this app and they are asking us to give the details about how to Download the App in your iPad. So, here i'm giving you the information how to Download the app on your iPad. You can stream videos and all other Movies, anime shows right away in your iPad using Vshare.

Download Showbox for iPad using Vshare:

I've already said you about how to Download this app into your iPhone earlier. This process will be same as that process. But the only difference is that this Showbox cannot be downloaded directly into your iPad. But, don't worry you can download an alternative app which will work same as the showbox which is available for iPad by the following steps. Movie Box is the app in which you can download the app through which you can download instead of Showbox.
Showbox for Ipad Download

The following are the steps to Download Movie box for iPad using the following steps. Here, you can download the app into iPad using the following steps. Read and follow the steps to successfully install the app on your iPad without any error.

Steps to Download

  • Download vshare and Install it on your PC.
  • Now, Connect your iPad with PC using USB.
  • In this step, open the vshare app on your PC. Then please connect your iPad to Vshare.
  • Here, you can see the details about the connected Device. Then an app called Vshare SE will Installed Automatically on your iPad.
Download showbox iPad

  • Open that app and Search for "Movie Box" app.
  • Once you got it, click on Install Button. Now your app will be installed on your iPad.
  • Enjoy Streaming HD movies, TV shows and all other anime shows on your iPad.
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Final Words

Hope you guys found here what you want, and you have installed this app on your iPad without any problem. If you found any issues, then please share with us in the comment section. We will definitely help you to find the solution. Thank you for visiting our website, keep visiting www.showbox for more updates and genuine information about this Showbox movie Streaming app. 
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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

How to Stream Showbox on Roku

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Roku is a Device just like a Set top box which is produced by Roku. It is simply called as Roku, it is a Device which will give you so many websites streaming online in it. You have to connect it to TV. The most famous apps like, Hulu, Spotify, HBO, Flex, Netflix and lots more channels will stream on this Roku. But unfortunately, this app has no option to Stream the Showbox app on Roku. We had no particular details about why this app is not still added in Roku.
Showbox on roku

But don't get disappointed, here I will tell you how to get this app on your Roku Tv and have fun watching latest movies and TV shows on this app. The most Interesting thing is Roku can play more than 450,000+ movies and TV shows in it also get showbox app download for tablet 2017. So, here you can get the steps to download the Showbox and Stream it on Roku.

Features of Roku

  • Tonnes of free Content to watch movies, videos and TV shows.
  • Get many channels like ABC, CW, PBS, CBSN, and YouTube.
  • Watch the latest and old Hollywood BlockBusters.
  • Play videos from top websites like amazon Instant Video, Youtube and Google Play.
  • Live Tv and sports Streaming to Watch anytime, Anywhere.
  • original Content from the trusted websites like HBO now, Starz, Showtime, Hulu etc.

How to Stream Showbox Videos on Roku?

  • Firstly, make sure that Roku Tv and your smartphone are on the same network or wifi before that get showbox apk download android free on your device.
  • Just open and go to Roku and enable the "Screen Mirror" Option.
Showbox on Roku

  • Now you have to establish a connection between Roku and smartphone. To do this go to "Navigation Panel" in Roku and then Search for the "cast" tab or option.
  • This Cast works same like the Bluetooth interface. You have to wait for your device to detect Roku device and show up the Roku name to pair it.
  • Once the pairing completes, you will see the home screen of your smartphone on TV.
  • Now, on the Roku TV, you will be able to see the Home Screen of your Android device.
Showbox on Roku

  • That's it, now simply open the Showbox app and play your favourite movies in it. Just tap on "watch now" to view videos.


So, friends, this is the process through which you can stream the Showbox videos on Roku on the Big TV. Hope this app helped you well and you have successfully installed Roku on this TV, then you share your views with me in the comment section given below. Thank you for visiting our website, keep visiting for more exciting information on Showbox apk free download.
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Friday, 12 May 2017

How To play Showbox Movies on TV - Showbox Chromecast

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Hi friends, I'm back with another Showbox feature with the previous one you have know how to download showbox android and showbox ipad ios devices. Now we are here with chromecast. This feature allows you to watch all your Videos on TV using Chromecast. Now, you can watch all your favourite videos from the Showbox app. To do this you need a strong internet connection because the weak connection will don't cast the videos. And the most important thing is the wifi you are using was has to be on the same wifi network because chrome cast needs same IP address of the network which they are connected to.
showbox chromecast

So today, let us see how we can play Showbox apk download for videos on your TV without connecting your Phone (wireless) in the steps given below. Here to do this you have to Download an app called "Allcast". All cast is the app through which you can watch the video on TV without any problem when you are connected to a strong wifi.

About Chromecast:

Chromecast is an option through which we can connect our pHone to our Tv without any cable. In the old smart TV's which are launched in the starting, we have to add an extension device which is called as chromecast dongle so that we can connect our Phone with the TV. But now in this modern Tv's with the upgraded technology, there is chromecast option so that you can connect it directly.
chromecast showbox

Not only the Showbox, we can play any videos or even we can stream our pictures, and personal videos onto the TV using this chromecast Features. Now, let's Discuss How to Play Showbox Movies and Shows On Tv by Chromecast.

How to Play Showbox videos to TV Using Chromecast?

In the previous version Tv's we are not able to play the videos which are available in our Showbox application. The following are the steps to play Showbox videos on Tv:
  • Uninstall the MX player (If installed) from your device.
Showbox on Tv
  • Go to settings > Security > Unknown Sources and then allow Unknown sources Installation.
  • Launch Showbox app in your Mobile.
  • Download the Allcast app from the internet. or you can download the apk file also.
  • Open Showbox and select your video and then click on the chromecast icon.
  • Now a popup menu appears and asks you to select an app to proceed. Click on Allcast.
Showbox chromecast for free
  • Now your nearby chromecast device is detected and the information about the device is displayed.
  • Your video will start playing on the TV instantly. that's it enjoy the video streaming on TV.


By, the above-given steps you have known how to chromecast the Showbox options on your PC. Please read and follow the above instructions carefully to successfully chromecast your Videos. Please share your views in the comment section provided below. Thank you for visiting our website, keep visiting for more updates on Showbox.
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