Friday, 12 May 2017

How To play Showbox Movies on TV - Showbox Chromecast

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Hi friends, I'm back with another Showbox feature with the previous one you have know how to download showbox android and showbox ipad ios devices. Now we are here with chromecast. This feature allows you to watch all your Videos on TV using Chromecast. Now, you can watch all your favourite videos from the Showbox app. To do this you need a strong internet connection because the weak connection will don't cast the videos. And the most important thing is the wifi you are using was has to be on the same wifi network because chrome cast needs same IP address of the network which they are connected to.
showbox chromecast

So today, let us see how we can play Showbox apk download for videos on your TV without connecting your Phone (wireless) in the steps given below. Here to do this you have to Download an app called "Allcast". All cast is the app through which you can watch the video on TV without any problem when you are connected to a strong wifi.

About Chromecast:

Chromecast is an option through which we can connect our pHone to our Tv without any cable. In the old smart TV's which are launched in the starting, we have to add an extension device which is called as chromecast dongle so that we can connect our Phone with the TV. But now in this modern Tv's with the upgraded technology, there is chromecast option so that you can connect it directly.
chromecast showbox

Not only the Showbox, we can play any videos or even we can stream our pictures, and personal videos onto the TV using this chromecast Features. Now, let's Discuss How to Play Showbox Movies and Shows On Tv by Chromecast.

How to Play Showbox videos to TV Using Chromecast?

In the previous version Tv's we are not able to play the videos which are available in our Showbox application. The following are the steps to play Showbox videos on Tv:
  • Uninstall the MX player (If installed) from your device.
Showbox on Tv
  • Go to settings > Security > Unknown Sources and then allow Unknown sources Installation.
  • Launch Showbox app in your Mobile.
  • Download the Allcast app from the internet. or you can download the apk file also.
  • Open Showbox and select your video and then click on the chromecast icon.
  • Now a popup menu appears and asks you to select an app to proceed. Click on Allcast.
Showbox chromecast for free
  • Now your nearby chromecast device is detected and the information about the device is displayed.
  • Your video will start playing on the TV instantly. that's it enjoy the video streaming on TV.


By, the above-given steps you have known how to chromecast the Showbox options on your PC. Please read and follow the above instructions carefully to successfully chromecast your Videos. Please share your views in the comment section provided below. Thank you for visiting our website, keep visiting for more updates on Showbox.
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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

ShowBox Not Working - Fix the Error

Posted by Pc Freeapps
Showbox was a very popular app to watch movies, and all other stuff online. You just need an internet connection and a smartphone to download this app. This app is very famous and gaining lots of customers day-by-day. But, from the recent update, there is some disturbance going on in the app. Some users saying that the app is not working well after the update. Till now there is no particular reason was there for this errors www.showbox. But still these errors are annoying and we have to find the solution to fix these errors that commonly occur in the apps.
showbox not working Fix

In the following lines I would like to tell you about how can we fix the Showbox not working error here. Some of the errors that we see are suddenly showbox has stopped working, Unfortunately showbox has stopped etc. To fix these errors i have some solutions which we discuss below.

How to Fix Showbox Not working Error?

Here, you can know the solutions to fix the error Showbox is not working. When we are interestingly watching the movie, some error occurs and the apps stop working or even it get struck, How annoying it is right? Keep it, lite guys, you can get rid of all the errors. Just follow the simple steps given below and have the fun of watching unlimited movies, anime and Unlimited TV show episodes in which you can download the app.

Fix - Showbox not working:

Showbox was an android app and it is released for android Os. But we can use it on different platforms. So there may be some issues arise while we are using the app. SO, the most common problem is that the apps stops working and shows a message "Showbox is not Responding".
Showbox error Fix

Sometimes, the app crashes when you are watching a movie or Favourite show, then you get irritated, isn't it? this crash occurs due to many reasons. It may be the problem from our side or even it is may be from the server side at times. Here, you can fix this problem by two solutions. You can get download showbox for android from here. Follow the instructions given below carefully.

Solution 1: Uninstall and Reinstall the app

This can be the best solution in most of the cases because this app is so popular and having more and more installations to that app. So, when an error occurs, you can follow the below method so that you can get the app again smoothly run on the website. The following are the steps to solution 1. Read them carefully:
Showbox on Mobile not working

Step 1: Go to settings and then select "app manager". In some phones, it must be "apps".
Step 2: After opening it, just scroll down and search for the "show box app".
Step 3: Click on the show box app and then you can find the "uninstall" option.

Solution 2: Clear Cache and Apps data

Showbox app is very easy to use and also the best video streaming app. But, of you are using this app from very long time than the cache and obsessive files increases in your Device. Because of that cache also this errors in the app may occur. So, now we have to remove the cache of the app and try again. The maximum may be fixed, try that and see. The following are the steps to remove cache in  your mobile.
Fix showbox not working
  • Open our device, go to “Settings” and click on “General” option
  • After that tap on “Application Manager” button
  • Now scroll and find where it says, “All Application or All
  • After that find “Showbox” app from the list and select it
  • Then tap on the “Clear Data” and "Clear Cache” button

Final Words

Thank you for reading this guide to solve Showbox app errors. You can leave your views about this guide in the below comment section. Please try to share the post on social media with all your friends. and if you like this post, then share your views with us, your suggestions are entertained. Thank you for reading this article, keep visiting for more updates on Showbox app, thank you.
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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Download Showbox for iPhone {Updated Latest Version}

Posted by Pc Freeapps
So many people inquire on the internet to download the Showbox for iPhone 7. And some even say that there is no download for Showbox iPhone. But, it is not true by following some simple steps you can get this app on your iPhone. Don't worry about the download process, we are here to assist in the whole download process. As we all know that Showbox is an amazing application in which you can watch all the latest movies and TV shows in your smartphone itself. Lets get in to the process below.
showbox iPhone Download
And, we cannot spare time in our home in front of the TV to watch the movie or a TV show in this busy world. With this app Showbox, you need not worry about missing your favourite shows or movies. Now you can see anytime you want by installing this app on your iPhone. The following are the steps to Download this Showbox movie streaming app into your iPhone.

Why Download Showbox for iPhone?

As we all know that watching or downloading movies in the iPhone is a very good experience. Its high-quality screen gives you full HD experience of videos. But, as long we cannot have the perfect app for the iPhone to stream all types of movies and TV shows. So, you can download this app because the features of the app fit very well with the configuration of the iPhone.
Showbox iPhone free Download
When you download this app in your iPhone then we can say the treasure of movies is unlocked. Stream full HD streaming with high audio quality within the app will give you a theatre type experience when you watch the movies paired with your headphones.Now let us see the features of the Showbox iPhone app below.


The following given are the features of the Showbox app for iPhone.
  1. Watch movies, TV shows and anime shows on your iPhone.
  2. Registration or Sign up is not required to watch movies.
  3. Download or save movies or shows to watch them later.
  4. Offline feature to watch your favourite videos without an internet connection too.
  5. Full HD streaming, in which you can download the app.
  6. Chromecast feature to watch the movies in Big screen on your smart TV.
  7. We can watch and offline any video for free. No cost is imposed in the form of in-app purchases.
  8. Offline more than one video at a time. 
  9. The movies and videos are available in different languages. So that you can see your regional movies.
  10. Filter the search results by using the categories given here.

Download Showbox for iPhone

Now let's get into the process in which you can download the Showbox app and install it on your iPhone. For this process, you need to install another application called vshare through which you can download any app on your iPhone. You can download this app on your iPhone
 The following are the steps to Download Showbox on your iPhone using vshare.
showbox download for iPhone
Step 1: Download Vshare application in your windows PC. Yes, you need a windows PC to download the app. Or you can download it from the link given below.
Step 2: Now, Install the Vshare on your PC. Then connect your iPhone with PC using USB cable.
Step 3: Open the vshare in your PC, then it will show you about the connected device. 
Step 4: Now, an app called Vshare SE app was installed in your iPhone automatically.
Showbox iPhone download
Step 5: In this step, open the app in iPhone and search for the Showbox app in it.
Step 6: Once you find the app, just Install the app. If you asked to Trust the app just tap on the "trust".
Step 7: That's it now you can use this Showbox app without any problem.


So, friends, these are the steps to Download Showbox into your iPhone. If you follow the above instructions carefully, then this process will definitely, so try it out now and install the app into your iPhone. If you have any queries, you can ask us by comment section provided below. Thank you for reading this article, keep visiting our site for more interesting things about Showbox apk.
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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Showbox For PC {Showbox PC}

Posted by Pc Freeapps
Showbox PC: Showbox for PC is a free movie and TV show app that shows you all the shows with streaming. It is one of the best apps for pc. Showbox pc is like the movie box pc app that allows the users to watch movies online with the HD clarity for free. Showbox movies is designed for the internet users who are so much interested in the tv shows and movies, the tv shows has became a more popular and interesting now a days. Showbox movie app can be free downloaded for pc using the best two methods, that is download showbox for computer using ARC method and the other is download show box on pc using bluestacks. 

Here's the complete guide for download showbox for pc. This app showbox on pc can be installed easily. Showbox pc and showbox for laptop have same process to download, you can easily follow these steps and get showbox free movie app on your computer. Get the app on pc and get free movies. 

Showbox App For PC

Download showbox on pc using the bluestacks.
  • First step is to download the bluestacks which is an android emulator app for pc. Free download bluestacks from here.
  • Now install bluestacks on your pc, you will get a shortcut icon on your desktop.
  • Double click on the icon, you will see the screen with a search box on the top.
  • Now type Showbox in the search box and click on search button.

  • Below you will find the showbox icon, now double click on the showbox, your showbox download will automatically start. 
  • Wait for sometime to complete showbox free download. Thats it your showbox is on your pc.

Showbox Download For PC

Showbox movies for pc can also be downloaded using the ARC Welder, this is the alternative of the bluestacks. Follow the complete guide for showbox app download for pc.
  • First Step is to download the ARC welder this is available in the google chrome. For direct download click here.
  • Now you will see the screen like this. Click on add to chrome button which is at the top.  

  • Now to add Press on Add App.

  • Open a new tab in your chrome. And click on apps icon.

  • Select Arc welder icon. Now install it, there you will get the screen select on choose option to create a directory where all your movies will be stored. 

  • Download showbox apk file now. for free download showbox apk click here.
  • Go to ARC welder and press add Apk and click showbox .apk

  • In the hit test select on test option. Now showbox will run on your pc. 
Thats it now showbox free movies is on your pc you can watch them for free. If you have any queries regarding showbox movie pc or in the install showbox on pc you can comment below. 

Showbox Apk Download | Download Showbox for Android | Download Showbox for iPhone | Download Showbox for iPad | Download Showbox for Mac
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