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Showbox for iPhone - Showbox Apk for iPhone

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Showbox App iPhone: Showbox is an excellent app which allows users to watch any film, videos, Tv shows, Tv serials and many more for free without any cost. So many people are going crazy in downloading this Showbox App. No matter about what smartphone you are using, you just need to download the Showbox Apk and enjoy on your smartphone. You can watch unlimited movies and Videos so it is called as Showbox Movies For iPhone. You can also download this Showbox for iPhone 6 and Showbox for iPhone 6 Plus.

If you are an Android user you can download the Showbox For Android for free. Actually Showbox is not officially available for android too. Google play store has deleted the app due to some reasons but we can download the app on our android device and enjoy it using the Showbox Apk. For android we need to download the Apk and then install it in the android device. 

In the same way we can get the Showbox Apk for iphone and we can download it. But due to some bugs in the Showbox iPhone App the developers started improving the app. After the improvement they again remodified it. But the bugs were not cleared and they stopped developing it and even they removed the app for iphone.

Now you have an doubt that " How to Get Showbox on iPhone" Right?? Don't worry it is so simple to download it.  As i mentioned above that the official version of Showbox app is been removed from all the platforms like Android, iOS and Windows. you can not download this app which is no longer available on any play store. But the App is handled by the different name called MovieBox

Moviebox is one of the best app to watch different movies, videos, tv serials and tv shows unlimitedly that too for free without any cost just like showbox. They is no time bounding to watch the films, You just need to install the app on your device. It would be Amazing watching your favorite movie without searching in the internet. You can them in full HD version. The features of the app will be very user friendly and very usefull which makes the best entertainment ever. It works well for both the Jailbroken and Non-Jailbroken devices. But be careful while choosing the compatible version for your device.  

You should download this Moviebox on iOS device. It is also not available officially. we should go through an another method but it is legal to download it in this method.    

Features of Moviebox for iPhone:

The features of Moviebox for iphone is awesome and the list of features are mentioned below. Go through it before downloading it.
  • Huge list of Movies to choose from the App.
  • Very Awesome Graphics with Hd quality 
  • No need of Login or Sign Up to access the content.
  • Regularly updated with an option called Regular Updates. These updates are made to add some new movies and shows.
  • We can sort movies by different categories and languages.
  • Huge collection of Tv serials and Tv shows.
  • You can even download your favorite movie or show from the app itself./download-showbox-for-ipad-iphone
  • you can choose the video quality while downloading the movie or while watching the movie.
  • Easy to use the app. it is very User friendly.  The User interface is made such a way to understand every option to every one.
  • You can watch the movies offline.
  • You can even share the movie which you like most to your loved one.
  • Even you can watch on your favorite video player.
These are the awesome features which are available from the app. Now let us move into the process of Downloding Showbox for iOS.

Steps for Showbox Download iPhone - Moviebox iOS:

The steps to download and install moviebox for iphone is quite simple. The process is shown below so go according to the steps 
  • First of Download the MovieBox App from the below link
  • After clicking you will see an page like the below.
  • Now click on install button. 
  • If it ask you to enter password then you need not to worry because the password will be shown there.
  • Enter the password in the password box. This app needs passwords for different iOS versions. if it doesn't ask any password then directly go to installation.
  •  Follow the instructions given by the app while installation.
  • That's it the app will be installed into your device.
Now you can enjoy unlimited number of movies, videos, Tv shows and Tv serials right from your device. This is awesome to have some fun with this app. This is the process to download the app, there are so many apps like showbox to watch movies and cartoons, like we also suggest an app ds emulator for pc and mac where you can get the entertainment apps like showbox. 
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