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How To play Showbox Movies on TV - Showbox Chromecast

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Hi friends, I'm back with another Showbox feature with the previous one you have know how to download showbox android and showbox ipad ios devices. Now we are here with chromecast. This feature allows you to watch all your Videos on TV using Chromecast. Now, you can watch all your favourite videos from the Showbox app. To do this you need a strong internet connection because the weak connection will don't cast the videos. And the most important thing is the wifi you are using was has to be on the same wifi network because chrome cast needs same IP address of the network which they are connected to.
showbox chromecast

So today, let us see how we can play Showbox apk download for videos on your TV without connecting your Phone (wireless) in the steps given below. Here to do this you have to Download an app called "Allcast". All cast is the app through which you can watch the video on TV without any problem when you are connected to a strong wifi.

About Chromecast:

Chromecast is an option through which we can connect our pHone to our Tv without any cable. In the old smart TV's which are launched in the starting, we have to add an extension device which is called as chromecast dongle so that we can connect our Phone with the TV. But now in this modern Tv's with the upgraded technology, there is chromecast option so that you can connect it directly.
chromecast showbox

Not only the Showbox, we can play any videos or even we can stream our pictures, and personal videos onto the TV using this chromecast Features. Now, let's Discuss How to Play Showbox Movies and Shows On Tv by Chromecast.

How to Play Showbox videos to TV Using Chromecast?

In the previous version Tv's we are not able to play the videos which are available in our Showbox application. The following are the steps to play Showbox videos on Tv:
  • Uninstall the MX player (If installed) from your device.
Showbox on Tv
  • Go to settings > Security > Unknown Sources and then allow Unknown sources Installation.
  • Launch Showbox app in your Mobile.
  • Download the Allcast app from the internet. or you can download the apk file also.
  • Open Showbox and select your video and then click on the chromecast icon.
  • Now a popup menu appears and asks you to select an app to proceed. Click on Allcast.
Showbox chromecast for free
  • Now your nearby chromecast device is detected and the information about the device is displayed.
  • Your video will start playing on the TV instantly. that's it enjoy the video streaming on TV.


By, the above-given steps you have known how to chromecast the Showbox options on your PC. Please read and follow the above instructions carefully to successfully chromecast your Videos. Please share your views in the comment section provided below. Thank you for visiting our website, keep visiting for more updates on Showbox.


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